Dianthus caryophyllus
Can Can Scarlet

Breeder: Sakata

Dianthus caryophyllus ‘Can Can Scarlet’ represents a true breakthrough for lovers of the traditional carnation - a beautiful, full flowering, vibrant red carnation which is truly bred to perform in the garden. This vigorous, easy to grow variety produces large, double flowers on strong, 40cm high stems, and when used in larger plantings produces a sensational sea of uniform colour. ‘Can Can Scarlet’ will also delight in a pot on the terrace or balcony. Carnation ‘Can Can Scarlet’ is a user-friendly stunner which will appeal to professional growers and hobby gardeners alike.


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In detail

Dianthus belongs to the family Caryophyllacae, of which there are more than 250 sorts. The species has its origins in Mediterranean areas, but has also been found wild in areas of Japan and North America.Dianthus caryophyllus, or Carnation, is traditionally known as a widely loved, immensely popular cut flower. No wedding party is complete without sprays of carnations in buttonholes and corsages! Carnations in the garden, however, have been less popular as they have been something of a problem for hobby gardeners, largely due to the weak stems and rather untidy habit of long-standing varieties. More compact, smaller-flowered varieties such as Dianthus barbatus have become much more common in domestic and public displays. The introduction of Carnation ‘Can Can Scarlet’ changes all this, and the Carnation can now return to the garden with its beautiful scarlet heads held up with pride. ‘Can Can Scarlet’ produces uniform, tidy plants growing to approximately 40cm, with strong, sturdy stems carrying the full, double flowers of the type which are so popular in the cut-flower varieties. Easy to grow from seed, it is bound to become a firm favourite with keen amateur gardeners, and a broad sea of scarlet blooms will also beautify larger public displays.

Technical information

  • Novelty Characteristics:

    Striking coloured flowers on strong stems. Vigorous and easy to grow. New market for summer renewal and early Autumn bedding

  • Colour:


  • Flower:

    Double flowers, 5 cm diameter

  • Flowering Period:

    May/June until August

  • Type:

    Annual, F1 hybrid, Diploid

  • Use:

    Bedding plant

  • Seed:

    520 seeds per gram

  • Plant:

    40 cm high, 30 cm spread

  • Growing:

    Sow Jan –Feb at 20°C. Grow on at 15°C

  • Planting:

    Plant out at 30 x 30 cm in full sun when 4-6 full leaves appear

Registration details

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  • Entry number:


  • Protection Period:

    15 years

  • Expiry Date: