Laurentia axillaris
Starshine Blue

Breeder: Syngenta Flowers

The Starshine Blue has very large blue flowers and a unique upright plant habit. This variety is much earlier flowering than other Laurentia axillaris.


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Registration details

  • Breeder:

    Syngenta Flowers

  • Entry number:


  • Protection Period:

    8 years

  • Expiry Date:


Technical information

  • Novelty Characteristics:

    Very large flowers, much earlier flowering, unique upright plant habit

  • Colour:


  • Flower:

    Single; 3 cm

  • Flowering Period:

    May to November

  • Type:

    Annual, O.P.

  • Use:


  • Seed:

    1500 seeds per gram

  • Plant:

    Height: 25-30 cm; Spread: 20-25 cm

  • Growing:

    Sow in week 1 for packs at 15-18°C. Cover lightly with vermiculite. 140 days sowing to flowering. Grow at 15-20°C. Transplant when first true leaf appears.

  • Planting:

    Plant out when frost risk is over at 40 x 40 cm distance in sunny spot. Half hardy.