The following varieties have been entered in the 2021 trials. By participating in the Fleuroselect trials, these new plants hope to win a Gold Medal or achieve Novelty status. 

Entry No.          01/21
Species:             Calocephalus brownii
Colour:              Silver
Novelty:            Seed raised alternative in a 100% cutting raised market. Our experimental selection from seed is the first real Silver coloured seedling with a compact well branched growing habit fitting small pots and has a shorter crop time of min. 2 weeks compared with the cutting raised material.
Category:          Pack + Container Field + Container
Comp. 1:           Calocephalus brownii Bed Head, Benary (01/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Cutting raised Comparsion, Selecta one (01/21/2)

Calocephalus front view 300px 300px

Entry No.          02/21
Species:             Gazania rigens
Colour:              From Orange center to light Yellow tips
Novelty:            New and extraordinary flower colour. Managed to establish a stable and distinct colour novelty. Plant production and development meets the requirements of the professional grower and fits the rest of this hybrid series.
Category:          Indoor pack/pot + Garden
Comp. 1:           Gazania rigens New Day Bronze Shades, PanAmerican Seed (02/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Gazania rigens Gazoo Clear Vanilla, Syngenta Flowers (02/21/2)

Gazania rigens Orange Yellow square 

Entry No.          03/21
Species:             Helianthus annuus
Colour:              Bicolour red and yellow
Novelty:            Unique flower patern and colour on a dwarf type for pot or low bed.
Category:          Indoor pack/pot + Garden
Comp. 1:           Helianthus annuus Sunsation Flame, Evanthia (03/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Helianthus annuus Dwarf Sungold, Hem Zaden (03/21/2)
Comp. 3:           Helianthus annuus Tiger Eye, Burpee Europe (03/21/3)

 Helianthus annuus Red and Yellow square

Entry No.          04/21
Species:             Helianthus annuus
Colour:              Bright Lemon with Black centre
Novelty:            Dwarf garden variety with multiple attractive Lemon flowers with Black centres. Very tidy and compact plant habit .Very good garden performance.
Category:          Indoor pack/pot + Garden
Comp. 1:           Helianthus annuus Sunsation Yellow, Evanthia (04/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Helianthus annuus F1 Bert®, Benary (04/21/2)
Comp. 3:           Helianthus annuus Sunray Yellow, Burpee Europe (04/21/3)

Helianthus annuus Bright lemon with black centre square

Entry No.          05/21
Species:             Helianthus annuus
Colour:              Lemon
Novelty:            Dwarf, branching, multiple heads, semi double flower petals, Lemon colour. First dwarf semi double branching pollenless Sunflower.
Category:          Indoor pack/pot + Garden
Comp. 1:           See Helianthus annuus Sunsation Yellow, Evanthia (See 04/21/1)
Comp. 2:           See Helianthus annuus F1 Bert®, Benary (See 04/21/2)
Comp. 3:           See Helianthus annuus Sunray Yellow, Burpee Europe (See 04/21/3)

Helianthus Lemon 1 square 

Entry No.          07/21
Species:             Ocimum basilicum
Colour:              Lila
Novelty:            Extra large leaves with dark Purple colour. Until now lettuce leaved Basil was only available in Green. Compared to normal Purple Basil the leaves are much larger.
Category:          Container + Garden
Comp. 1:           Ocimum basilicum Napolitano / Lettuce leaved, Hem zaden (07/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Ocimum basilicum Dark Opal, Pieterpikzonen (07/21/2)

Ocimum basilicum lila 1 square 

Entry No.          08/21
Species:             Perovskia Compact
Colour:              Lavender Blue
Novelty:            Compactness and improved branching.
Category:          Container + Garden
Comp. 1:           Perovskia atriplicifolia Blue Steel, PanAmerican Seed (08/21/1)

Perovskia Compact Blue Silver square

Entry No.          09/21
Species:             Salvia nemerosa
Colour:              Blue
Novelty:            Deeper Blue colour of flower and flower spike.
Category:          Container + Garden
Comp. 1:           Salvia nemorosa New Dimension Blue, PanAmerican Seed (09/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Salvia nemorosa Salvatore Blue, PanAmerican Seed (09/21/2)
Comp. 3:           Salvia Merleau Blue Compact, Syngenta Flowers (09/21/3)

Salvia nemerosa Blue square

Entry No.          10/21
Species:             Sedum spectabile
Colour:              Pink
Novelty:            First Sedum spectabile from seed
Category:          Container + Garden
Comp. 1:           Sedum telephium Surrender Red, Syngenta Flowers (10/21/1)

Sedum spectabile Pink square 

Entry No.          11/21
Species:             Tropaeolum majus
Colour:              Mahogany Red
Novelty:            New colour in combination with variegated leaves and semi-trailing habit.
Category:          Direct Sown Garden
Comp. 1:           Tropaeolum majus Red Troika, Van Hemert & Co Seeds (11/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Tropaeolum minus TipTop Alaska Rose, Takii/Sahin (11/21/2)
Comp. 3:           Tropaeolum minus TipTop Alaska Red Shades, Takii/Sahin (11/21/3)

Tropaeolum Majus mahogany square

Entry No.          12/21
Species:             Tropaeolum minus
Colour:              Pink Blush
Novelty:            New colour in Tropaeolum.
Category:          Direct Sown Garden
Comp. 1:           Tropaeolum minus Tip Top Apricot, Takii/Sahin (12/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Tropaeolum minus Ladybird Rose, Takii/Sahin (12/21/2)

Tropaeolum minus Pink Blush 2 square

Entry No.          13/21
Species:             Verbena hybrida
Colour:              Red
Novelty:            This Verbena from seed is scented, comparison is not.
Category:          Annual garden
Comp. 1:           Verbena hybrida Scentsation Mix, Takii/Sahin (13/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Verbena hybrida Obsession Red, Syngenta Flowers (13/21/2)

Verbena hybrida Red square

Entry No.          14/21
Species:             Zinnia hybrida
Colour:              Yellow
Novelty:            Zinnia hybrida dwarf type with better branching and a more compact plant habit than comparisons.
Category:          Indoor pack/pot + Garden
Comp. 1:           Zinnia x hybrida Profusion  Lemon, Sakata (14/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Zinnia marylandica Zahara Yellow, PanAmerican Seed (14/21/2)

Zinnia hybrida Yellow square

Entry No.          15/21
Species:             Antirrhinum majus
Colour:              Bicolour Red-White
Novelty:            New colour pattern in this taller plant type, Purple Red flag, Cream bee and White tube.
Category:          Annual garden
Comp. 1:           Antirrhinum majus Lucky Lips, Van Hemert & Co (15/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Antirrhinum majus Rocket Bronze (for habit), PanAmerican Seed (15/21/2)

Antirrhinum Red White 100px 100px

Entry No.          16/21
Species:             Antirrhinum majus
Colour:              Bicolour Red-Yellow
Novelty:            New colour pattern in this taller plant type, Red flag, Yellow bee and White tube.
Category:          Annual garden
Comp. 1:           Antirrhinum majus Snapshot Red Bicolor (for colour), PanAmerican Seed (16/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Antirrhinum majus Rembrandt, Thompson & Morgan (16/21/2)
Comp. 3:           See Lucky Lips and Rocket Bronze (See 15/21/1 and 15/21/2)

Antirrhinum Red Yellow 100px 100px

Entry No.          17/21
Species:             Calendula officinalis
Colour:              Lemon
Novelty:            Mum-flowered, medium height, large double and semi-double Lemon flowers, unique colour and flower shape.
Category:          Direct Sown Garden
Comp. 1:           Calendula officinalis Fiesta Gitana, Hem Zaden (17/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Calendula Costa Light Yellow, Floranova (17/21/2)
Comp. 3:           Calendula officinalis Lemon Cream, Thompson & Morgan (17/21/3)

Calendula officinalis Lemon 1 300px 300px

Entry No.          18/21
Species:             Cosmos bipinnatus
Colour:              White Rose Bicolor Mix
Novelty:            Best dwarf Cosmos for direct sowing in the garden. Earlier flowering than comparison and better ornamental performance.
Category:          Direct Sown Garden
Comp. 1:           Cosmos bipinnatus Cosimo Red/White, Van Hemert & Co. (18/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Cosmos bipinnatus Casanova Pink, Floragran (18/21/2)

Cosmos bipinnatus White Rose Bicolour Mix 1 100px 100px

Entry No.          19/21
Species:             Cosmos bipinnatus
Colour:              Pink
Novelty:            Mottled mosic Rose and Pink flowers, which will shade from Rose Pink to pale Pink with streaks in and some secondary petals from within the centre of the flowers.
Category:          Annual garden
Comp. 1:           Cosmos bipinnatus Double Click Pink Bicolour, HM.Clause (19/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Cosmos bipinnatus Rosetta, Van Hemert & Co (19/21/2)
Comp. 3:           See Cosimo Red/White, Van Hemert & Co. (See 18/21/1)

Cosmos bipinnatus Pink 300px 300px

Entry No.          20/21
Species:             Phlox drummondii
Colour:              Shades mixture of dark Purple-Blue, some with lighter edges.
Novelty:            New separate colour. Grandiflora type; tall plant for cut flowers.
Category:          Direct Sown Garden
Comp. 1:           Phlox drummondii nana compacta Beauty Violet, Hem Zaden (20/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Phlox drummondii Beauty Moody Blues, Takii/Sahin (20/21/2)

Phlox purple blue square

Entry No.          21/21
Species:             Echinacea purpurea
Colour:              Green
Novelty:            New colour in seed raised Echinacea (first year flowering).
Category:          Container + Garden
Comp. 1:           Echinacea purpurea Green Twister, Jelitto Samen (21/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Echinacea purpurea PowWow White, PanAmerican Seed (21/21/2)

Echinacea purpurea Green 2 300px 300px

Entry No.          22/21
Species:             Digitalis purpurea
Colour:              Warm Rose
Novelty:            Deeper Rose colour with creamy yellow throat compared to competition. Early flowering, with a more compact habit.
Category:          Container + Garden
Comp. 1:           Digitalis purpurea Dalmatian Rose, PanAmerican Seed (22/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Digitalis purpurea Camelot Rose, Syngenta Flowers (22/21/2)
Comp. 3:           Digitalis purpurea Panther, Takii Europe (22/21/3)

Digitalis purpurea Warm Rose 1 300px 300px

Entry No.          23/21
Species:             Begonia interspecific
Colour:              White
Novelty:            First White that really fits the class! The entry fits the existing red, pink and rose varieties in this class for plant habit and timing. The added value for the grower is that he can grow and sell this White variety at the same time as the other colours in the class. For landscaper and consumer this variety brings similar high-level Summer performance as known for this class.
Category:          Indoor pack/pot + Garden
Comp. 1:           Begonia x benariensis BIG White Green Leaf, Benary (23/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Begonia interspecific MegaWatt Red Green Leaf, PanAmerican Seed (23/21/2)
Comp. 3:           Begonia x hybrida Inferno White, Sakata (23/21/3)

Begonia interspecific White square

Entry No.          24/21
Species:             Lobelia speciosa
Colour:              Red
Novelty:            Earlier flowering compared to the competition and improved branching for dark leaved varieties.
Category:          Container + Garden
Comp. 1:           Lobelia fulgens Queen Victoria, Benary (24/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Lobelia speciosa Starship Bronze Leaf, PanAmerican Seed (24/21/2)

Lobelia speciosa Red 2 square 

Entry No.          25/21
Species:             Zinnia elegans dahlia flowered
Colour:              Lemon petals with red centre
Novelty:            New colour.
Category:          Annual garden
Comp. 1:           Zinnia elegans Queeny Lime Orange, Dittmar (25/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Zinnia elegans Queeny Lime with Blotch, Dittmar (25/21/2)

Zinnia elegans Lemon with red 2 square

Entry No.          501/21
Species:             Solanum lycopersicum
Colour:              Turns from black to orange
Novelty:            A unique new Black Tomato for hobby market segment, with a compact, mounding habit. It has unique health benefits with higher anthocyane levels than other red fruited varieties.
Category:          Indoor Pot + Container Patio Vegetable
Comp. 1:           Solanum lycopersicum Purple Boy, Volmary (501/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Solanum lycopersicum Indigo Rose/indeterminate, Pro-Veg Seeds (501/21/2)

Solanum lycopersicum square

Entry No.          401/21
Species:             Helenium autumnale
Colour:              Golden bicolour
Novelty:            The first Helenium from cutting suitable for potproduction. Other Helenium in the market are cutflowers for potproduction (need much more PGR) or from TC.
Category:          Biennial/Perennial Garden
Comp. 1:           Helenium Mariachi Sombrero, Vitroflora (401/21/1)
Comp. 2:           Helenium Mariachi Fuego, Vitroflora (401/21/2)

Helenium autumnale Golden bicolour 300px 300px 

Entry No.          402/21
Species:             Phlox x hybrida
Colour:              Lavender Pink + White Eye
Novelty:            Very eye-catching, new flower colour in annual Phlox. Compact and mounding with excellent branching habit and shows a very rich and long lasting outdoor performance.
Category:          Indoor pack/pot + Garden Cuttings
Comp. 1:           Phlox cultivars Gisele® Light Violet, Selecta one (402/21/1)

Phlox X hybrida Lavender Pink + White 2 square