At the end of the trials, all judges complete a score sheet for each entry grown, with the exception of entries from their own company or affiliated companies.

Following scoring criteria are taken into account:

  • WOW-factor (for retail and consumer)
  • Innovation value (of plant, flower or marketing)
  • Landscape use / Patio use / Vase life 
  • Cultural and technical features:
        a. Growing performance
        b. Uniformity (plant and flower)
        c. Floriferousness (richness of flowers)
        d. Flowering season (length/period)
        e. Tolerance (climate/disease)

Judges submit scores and comments to the Fleuroselect secretariat which calculates the final results. The Entries and Evaluations Committee (EEC) reviews these results and sets scoring parameters. Based on the Novelty Protection status and Gold Medals scores, recommendations are made to the Board which takes the final decision on awarding.

Download the complete Rulebook

Download score sheet Garden Trials
Download score sheet Pack Trials

When a variety has been awarded Gold Medal or Approved Novelty the participating member is allowed to use the iconic logos for their promotions.  

Download the Gold Medal logo 
Download the Approved Novelty logo