2022 Year of the Poppy & Basil

We encourage you to join this promotion initiative by making the Plant of the Year part of your marketing plans. With this initiative, our Home Gardening business unit aims to drive visibility and boost the sale of poppy and basil seeds and plants in retail.

2022 is the...

Logo EN poppy

 Logo EN basil

Free to use materials 

New logos have been created and an extensive range of images, many of which have been shot specially for this campaign, has been selected. Feel free to integrate them in your promotional activities. 

2022 Year of the Poppy

2022 Year of the Basil

The visual guidelines contain inspirational moodboards advising on the look & feel for promotional items such as seed labels, as well as an overview of the logos and images.

Editorial articles

We welcome journalists to make use of the free materials for publications. 
Please contact us for more information.

All materials have been developed in conjunction with Floramedia. For information on custom-designed marketing materials, please contact: juriaan.rolink@floramedia.com