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Gazania rigens Zany Sunny-Side Up

Gold Medal Approved Novelty

The new Gazania Zany Sunny-Side Up boasts real star quality thanks to its extraordinary colour combination. Its bi-coloured flowers with golden orange petals blending into light yellow tips are truly unique, making you yearn for those happy, sunny days of early summer. The plants of this new variety are incredibly consistent in growth and produce numerous large, colour-stable flowers that even open earlier and longer on cloudy days.

Sunny-Side Up not only looks wonderful as a single pot plant or combined in containers on the patio but also shines in low bedding and even as landscape element in large plantings. Gold Medals are awarded to outstanding breeding results and this Gazania fits the bill. The jury praised the exceptional colour combination, early flowering and compact plant habit. Sunny-Side Up, a splash of summer every day.

Market Value

Sunny-Side Up reaches sales maturity in the same short flowering window as the other varieties in the Zany series, and is just as suitable for cultivation in pots and packs. For growers, this means the option of a space-saving production cycle with uniform cultivation processes and coordinated sales of each variety. The seeds are coated with BeGreen, meaning that no chemicals or microplastics were used.

Both retailers and consumers will be amazed by the unique, contrasting colour combination, which adds a wow factor to any garden or pot planting scheme. What’s more, Sunny-Side Up is extremely heat-tolerant and puts on its best display in full-sun positions. At the same time, the flowers retain their attractive colour markings and the plants even survive dry spells unscathed. Sunny-Side Up, a ray of happiness for the entire industry.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
New, extraordinary, stable colour combination
From orange center to light yellow tips
Single, 8-10 cm diameter
Flowering Period:
May - October
Annual, F1 hybrid, diploïd
Bedding, Patio
400 s/gr; 90% germination
Height 20-25 cm, width 15-20 cm, compact mounded shape

Sow in November-December for flowering in pot from April onwards; in January-March for flowering in pot from June onwards. Use one seed per plug, no need to cover. Grow at 16-17 °C, transplant plugs after 6 weeks into 9-11 cm pots and add light. Growth regulator is not necessary if grown cool. It will take 84-105 days from sowing to flowering.

Plant out at 15 x 20 cm in a sunny spot.

Registration details

Entry number:
Protection Period:
8 years
Expiry Date: