About Us

By the Members, for the Members

Fleuroselect is the international organisation for the ornamental plants industry. For more than 50 years, industry professionals have joined together to test and evaluate new pot and bedding plants, promote award winners, protect member varieties, network with each other and contribute to the development and advancement of the industry as a whole.

The current membership comprises of approximately 75 pot and bedding plant breeders, producers and distributors, mostly European, but also from Japan, the U.S., China and Thailand. The organisation is structured into Business Units, each providing for specific needs within the industry. The four current Business Units are Breeders, Production & Distribution, Home Gardening and Protection.

A Board of elected members is supported by various specialised committees. A small secretariat operates from the organisational headquarters in Voorhout, The Netherlands. The organisation is financed by contributions for membership, by fees for trials and Novelty Protection and by royalties on the turnover of awarded varieties. Activities such as policing of illegally reproduced cuttings, market survey of seedling and cutting sales and networkingconferences are self-funding.

Our core business
  • Trials of new pot and bedding plants 
  • International promotion of Gold Medal and FleuroStar winners
  • Protection of Approved Novelties 
  • Conferences & networking 
  • Market related activities
  • FlowerTrials Secretariat