Plant of the Year

Starting in 2015, Fleuroselect annually nominates a flower and vegetable of the year in the ‘Plant of the Year’ campaign. The intention of this campaign is to raise awareness of specific crops for home gardening, while showing the wide choice of varieties available to the consumer. 

Marketing Materials 

Bespoke marketing materials are created to support breeders, distributors and retailers with their promotional activities. The Visual Guidelines include an overview of inspirational photography as well as logos in various languages. By using these assets, they are not only able to support this promotion initiative, but also enhance their personalised label, seed packet, advertisement and social media post.

Displays in renowned gardens

Extensive displays are planted each year in renowned public gardens where consumers can enjoy the diversity of the species.


‘2015 - Year of the Sunflower’
‘2016 - Year of the Cosmos/Tomato’
2017 - Year of the Zinnia/Bean
2018 - Year of the Pepper/Marigold
2019 - Year of the Tropaeolum/Carrot
2020 - Year of the Rudbeckia/Cucumber
2021 - Year of the Calendula & Courgette
2022 - Year of the Poppy & Basil
2023 - Year of the Salvia & Sage
2024 - Year of the Sunflower & Lettuce

Future plans for Plant of the Year initiative

We are delighted to share with you a sneak peek of the initiatives planned for the upcoming years:

'2024 | Sunflowers & Salad'
'2025 | Begonia & Pea'
'2026 | Ornamental Grasses & Radish'
'2027 | Zinnia & Parsley'
'2028 | Tagetes & Tomato'