NightSky®, centre of the garden galaxy

Make a wish upon this new Star! Selecta Klemm’s winner of the FleuroStar Contest is the latest patterned sensation in Petunia. The white spots on the dark violet flowers look like an ever-changing star constellation in the night sky. This newcomer from cuttings is easy to grow and transport thanks to its semi-trailing plant habit. NightSky® flowers very early and convinces with excellent branching. Perfect as a stand-alone item, the splendid, white spotted violet blooms will also shine in baskets and mixed containers. Thanks to the perfectly chosen name, this unique plant has an inspiring story to tell and brings the night sky to the terrace or balcony. FleuroStar is the ultimate contest to find the ‘Winner with the Wow Factor’. More than one third of the competition’s panel of more than 30 judges gave this newcomer maximum points for both ‘point of sale attractiveness’ and ‘commercial potential’ being convinced that NightSky’s innovative colour pattern will be a successful retail sensation.



Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:

Truly unique colour pattern


Violet with white spots


Single flowers of approx. 8 cm diameter

Flowering Period:

From spring until first frost




Pots and hanging baskets


Cutting raised – available as URC and RC


Height 40 cm, spread 50 cm, semi-trailing habit


Choose a well-drained medium with an EC of 0.75 to 0.80 mmhos and a pH of 5.5 to 5.8. Stick cuttings within 12 to 24 hours of arrival. Soil temperature should be maintained at 20 to 23°C (68 to 74°F) until roots are visible. Begin fertilization with 75 to 100 ppm N when roots become visible. Increase to 150 to 200 ppm N as roots develop. NightSky trailing petunias can be pinched 18 to 24 days after sticking, when roots are well developed, to promote early branching and improve habit.


NightSky trailing Petunia rooted cuttings should be ready for transplanting 21 to 28 days after sticking.

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