Fleuroselect, together with participating members, conducts trials of new ornamental varieties at private trial grounds across Europe. Entries are evaluated by expert and independent judges on criteria including innovation, practical use, quality and exclusivity.

The Fleuroselect Trials are conducted at following locations:

  • Agrofirma Poisk (RU)
  • Benary (GE)
  • Dümmen Orange (NL) - cutting-raised items only
  • Farmen (IT)
  • Floranova (UK)
  • Florensis (NL) - cutting-raised items only
  • Graines Voltz (FR)
  • Mr. Fothergill's Seeds (UK)
  • PanAmerican Seed (NL)
  • Pieterpikzonen (NL)
  • Planta (IT)
  • Prudac (NL) - patio vegetables only
  • Sakata (DK) - pack items only
  • Selecta one (GE) - cutting-raised items only
  • Sweed Björn Höjrup (SE)
  • Syngenta Flowers (NL)
  • Takii Europe (NL)
  • Wyss Samen und Pflanzen (CH)