"Seed technology meets consumer marketing" was the central theme of Fleuroselect's 7th Home Gardening Conference that took place on 21-22 September in the Stuttgart area. No less than 80 participants from 11 countries attended the event which brings together the consumer seed packet industry and its suppliers.

grouppieFocus on seed
The two-day programme kicked off with Torsten Nilsson of Nelson Seed Development presenting Optigrow, a new priming technique to vitalise seed, which can also benefit companies packaging seed for consumers. U.K. Garden Broadcaster David Domoney’s keynote presentation demonstrated how the seed packet industry can show consumers that sowing seed is fun, easy & exciting and how seed can be put into the hands of people that have never sown before.

Seed technology continued to be the theme with a visit to the vegetable and herbs trials and seed processing facilities of Hild Samen, a leading breeder specialising in certified organic production as well as standard crops. Presentations included the successful selection of seeds for the home gardening market, the latest breeding techniques including a breakthrough in coloured carrots and the company's extensive quality control programme.


Consumer Marketing
Johannes Welsch of the German Garden Trade Association (IVG) outlined the megatrends in society which will affect the gardening business including longevity, a longing for sustainability and an increased connectivity thanks to digital innovations.

Marketing was the key message of the visit to Selecta one, a world-leading family company in breeding, producing and marketing vegetatively propagated ornamental plants. The delegation received a global overview of the company including an insight into how their purple and white spotted Petunia NightSky has been hugely successful and the packaging, promotion and positioning strategy of Pink Kisses, the company´s star carnation.


'2016, Year of the Cosmos and Tomato'
Harm Custers of Takii, chair of Fleuroselect’s Home Garden Association, and conference moderator David Arnold presented the results of the successful '2016, Year of the Cosmos and Tomato' campaign. This second edition of a 3-year initiative aimed at increasing the sales of existing varieties by offering additional marketing tools such aslogos, lifestyle images and banners to the industry. The Royal Horticultural Society's flagship garden Wisley in the U.K. and the widely-visited Jardin des Plantes in Paris both ran an extensive Cosmos Trial of more than 60 varieties submitted by Fleuroselect members.

Fleuroselect & The Home Garden Association
Fleuroselect tests, protects and promotes new flower varieties. The international membership includes breeders, producers and distributors of ornamental varieties.

The Home Garden Association has been created under the Fleuroselect umbrella to promote home gardening as fun, easy, economical and valuable. At the annual Home Garden Conference, participants can gain inspiration from expert speakers and network with colleagues to create business opportunities. For more information, please contactinfo@fleuroselect.com.