Rudbeckia hirta Goldilocks

Gold Medal

'Goldilocks' is an exciting new Rudbeckia which produces masses of large double and semi-double flowers in a rich shade of golden yellow. Each flower has an attractive black central cone, typical of Rudbeckias, which makes a pleasing contrast as the flowers develop. 'Goldilocks' is very free flowering over a long period from July onwards until frost. 

In detail

Rudbeckia or Gloriosa Daisies as they are sometimes known, have become regarded as first class subjects for use as summer bedding plants, whether in borders or formal bedding displays. Natives of North America, they are very adaptable and will perform well in most soil types and under a wide range of climatic conditions. The plants are free branching and more compact then most other Rudbeckias, making them particularly suitable for use in bedding displays. Flower arrangers will find that the attractive blooms of this variety are produced on strong stems and last for a long time in water.

The development of 'Goldilocks' took more then 12 years. The original selections were made in 1972 by Ralph Gould, a plant breeder who has worked for over 50 years developing new strains of flowers. Whilst inspecting seed crops of an older single-flowered variety, he noticed that some plants had produced blooms with more petals than normal. Seeds from these plants were saved, and by a process of intensive breeding over the ensuing years 'Goldilocks' was developed to its splendid form. Home gardeners can raise their own plants of Rudbeckia easily. The seeds should be sown in gentle heat in a light position early in Spring. As soon as they are large enough to handle, the young seedlings should be transplanted to seed trays or small pots and grow on. After being acclimatised to outdoor conditions, they can be planted into the garden. The young plants are capable of withstanding slights frosts it properly cared for. For the professional grower, 'Goldilocks' is ideal for sale in bedding plant packs or individual pot units, for sale to home gardeners through shops and garden centres. This new variety is responsive to day length control and growth regulator treatments for early plant sales. Public authorities will also find 'Goldilocks' of great value, as the bushy plants will produce a mass of colour for months on end. As they will flower well under extreme conditions, they are ideal for public spaces and parks.

Technical information

Deep golden yellow
8-10 cm (3 ½-4 inch diameter)
Bedding plants
approx. 2200 seeds per gram, 1 gram for 1000 plants, 75-90% germination
Height: 60 cm, Spread: 30-45 cm

Sow from February onwards at 21°C, 3 months before sale. 'Treatment for early flowering: As soon as seedlings are transplanted give extra lighting to extend day length to 16 hours for 6 weeks. Apply B-9 at 0,5 % solution when the flower stems are 25 mm (1 inch) high and again 2 weeks later.

Pricking out: 3 weeks after sowing. Grow on at 15 ºC (60 ºF).

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