Begonia hybrida I'CONIA Aroma Peach


Begonia hybrida I'CONIA Aroma Peach is the new scented Begonia from Dümmen Orange. Over the years breeding has often excluded fragrance in favour of other traits, but this new hybrid Begonia has brought aroma back on the agenda. Of course, the breeder has not overlooked beauty. These luxurious double flowers in plush peach have a strong garden performance and are non-stop flowering for gorgeous planters and beautiful baskets. 

The I'CONIA series from Dümmen Orange continues to portray the pinnacle of modern Begonias with shade to part-sun tolerance, excellent retail flower-power and noted consumer performance.

I'CONIA Aroma Peach,  the sweet smell of sumptuousness.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Subtle scented, double peach flowers
Soft yellow on the inside, peach/orange at the outside
Double, 8 cm diameter

Registration details

Dümmen Orange
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