Silene pendula Sibella Carmine

Gold Medal Approved Novelty

Looking for a vibrant colour blotch to brighten up your garden? Get acquainted with Sibella Carmine! This brand new Silena pendula is a multifunctional colour blast for pots, containers and bedding. Sibella makes large plants that are just perfect for baskets and containers in spring or ideal as an all-round bedding and terrace plant in summer. The plants are selfcleaning, flowers do not scatter and no deadheading is needed.

“What an intense purple-red colour!” and “The bright flowers and early flowering are unique” were some of the remarks in the jury reports. Highly impressed with the intense colour, bright semi-double flowers and early flowering, the judges were united in awarding this Silene with a Gold Medal. Sibella Carmine, a dazzling flower cascade for the balcony or garden.

Market Value

Sibella Carmine is a new colour boost for the bedding plant season! Growers can produce this Silene either as a spring-flowering biennial for early baskets and containers or as a classical annual to diversify the standard bedding range. Retail will love this colour boost to stimulate both spring and summer sales and consumers will be enchanted by the impressive cascade of tiny rose flowers that not only works wonders on the terrace but also provides spectacular ground cover in the garden. Sibella Carmine, a powerful colour addition for the entire bedding plant range.

Background Information

With Sibella Carmine, Van Hemert & Co aims at reintroducing Silene pendula to the bedding plant industry. Thanks to the sparkling colours and floriferousness of Sibella Carmine, both retail and consumers are offered the opportunity to re-discover this magnificent species. The Dutch breeder Van Hemert & Co. specialises in the breeding of special flower seeds. The company’s latest prize-winning achievements are Calendula Calexis, Cosmos Xanthos and Calamintha Marvelette.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Improved floriferousness and plant habit
Semi-double flowers, 2 cm diameter
Annual or biennial, O.P.
Bedding, patio or hanging basket
Approx. 1000 seeds per gram; germination rate 90%
Height 30 cm, spread 60 cm, trailing plant habit

For annual bedding: sow in the pack at 20- 22°C in March or April. Cover slightly with vermiculite and keep a bit moist. Grow at 15-18°C and transplant after 4-6 weeks. For biennial bedding and early spring baskets: sow in autumn (September-October) and overwinter in a cold glasshouse.

After 6-8 weeks, plant 1 plant in a 15 cm container or 3 in a 30 cm hanging basket/pot. Alternatively, plant 5 plants per m2 in a sunny or halfsunny spot; planting distance is 50-50 cm.

Registration details

Van Hemert & Co
Entry number:
Protection Period:
8 years
Expiry Date:
2026 31st December