Salvia farinacea Strata

Gold Medal

Strata is a superb new colour in Salvia farinacea, which differs prominently from the existing blue or white varieties. Its greyish flower spikes carry clear blue flowers with a white calyx, which bloom from May to the first frosts. The very uniform plants grow only 45 cm high. For its unique colour combination and excellent garden performance Strata was awarded the Fleuroselect Gold Medal. For professional and hobby gardeners it is certainly a valuable addition to the bedding plant assortment.

Salvia Strata is also the recipient of the All-America Selections award for performance in North American trials. 

In detail

Salvia farinacea originates from Texas and New Mexico where it is a bushy, perennial plant. In colder climates it is used as an annual bedding plant. There are two recognised colour variations: blue flowers on blueish flower spikes or greyish spikes surrounded by white flowers, both with greyish green leaves. Existing cultivars grow 40 to 90 cm tall. After introduction of the first compact Salvia farinacea 'Victoria', the species has become more popular in flower borders and patio gardens. The flowers of the new cultivar `Strata' show a unique combination of the existing colours in Salvia farinacea, having blue with white bicolour flowers on grey spikes. The stunning result was awarded the Fleuroselect Gold Medal for beauty and innovation in flower seed breeding. The plants are very uniform and compact (45 cm tall). They have a chic appearance whether planted in groups or alone, in borders or in tubs. They will therefore, rapidly become popular with landscapers and home gardeners, in perennial as well as annual borders and in traditional as well as modern gardens. It is easy to grow from seed, and well adapted to the hobby market getting the best results by sowing indoors at 18°C in April. After growing for a couple of weeks at 15-18°C, the young plants can be planted out in May in a sunny spot in the garden at a distance of 20 x 20 cm. Although less rewarding, it might be safer to buy the plants straight from your garden centre. Strata requires no special attention to flower from May until the first frosts. It performs extremely well on just a bit of sun and nutrition.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
New colour combination: blue corolla with white calyx on grey spikes
Blue flowers with white calyx on grey spike
Flower spikes carrying small, single flowers
Flowering Period:
May to frost
Annual, open pollinated bedding plant; Diploid plant
Professional growers and hobby gardeners type
1000 seeds per gram, 80 - 90% germination (in greenhouse cultivation)
Height 45 cm; Spread 40 cm; Bushy plant with green foliage

Sow indoors mid February; grow on at 10-16°C

Transplant after frost at a distance of 30 x 30 cm in a sunny spot

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